Our 2015 Annual Family Drive at Christmas

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You’re Invited!
Cooperstown Chiropractic’s 
and The C.O.O.P. Foundation’s
24th Annual Christmas Party 
and Family Drive!
Saturday, December 12, 9 am – 12 pm
Give for the Sake of Giving …
       Serve for the Sake of Serving …
              Love for the Sake of Loving!Join us as we celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season with Santa.  We are planning one big party with music, food, crafts, pictures and lots of fun for us all!

We have arranged live entertainment, a continental breakfast and breakfast burritos will be served in the morning, with a Florentine’s lunch being served to all at 10:30 am.  And no celebration is complete without a Patty Cake’s cake.

All guests will have the opportunity to meet Santa and take their picture.  Most importantly we will be able to be sharing the joy of giving with some very deserving families in our community. Experience the true meaning of Christmas while sharing and loving on these great children and their families.




Gift Card Week is Just Around the Corner!
December 7-11, 2015

Donate a gift card with a minimum $25 value and receive a free chiropractic adjustment. (Limit one per person)




We Need Shoppers!

If you enjoy shopping, and especially love shopping for a deal, we need you!
It’s time to shop for our amazing families. If you have never been a shopper for us, here is what is entails:

  1. Get the family wish list from the office. If you absolutely love to shop we have larger families you can shop for, or you can get multiple families. If you are nervous about it, you can always ask for a smaller family to shop for.
  2. You are given a budget of $100 per person. Please understand within that budget you need to purchase a 40-gallon plastic storage container and 2 types of wrapping paper (solid shiny foil & Christmas paper).
  3. Shop for the items on the family wish list (you may call parents to clarify any questions on children’s gifts).
  4. Keep in mind of the budget, if there is a grandparent (who is not the legal guardian) or children over 18 years old in the home please spend a maximum of $25 and distribute the balance evenly amongst parents and children under 18.
  5. Please try and get at least 1 gift from their Top 3 choices (This will be considered their Santa Gift).
  6. Use the rest of their list as a guide to purchase other items for that family member. It will be the present they open at Christmas, so especially for kids try to make sure they have another fun gift to open from their parents. Please try your best to get at least 1 shirt, 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of shoes. (One outfit)
  7. Buy a large bin that the gifts will fit in so the families can easily carry it (40-gal is recommended).
  8. Buy a card that will be from you (you may remain anonymous if you choose).
  9. Buy wrapping paper including one roll of solid shiny foil wrapping paper.
  10. Wrap their Santa Gift in solid shiny foil wrapping paper to stand out from the other gifts. This is so we can hand it to Santa the day of the event. (Remember the Santa Gift is one of their top 3 gift choices).
  11. Wrap all their other gifts in any other Christmas paper.
  12. Please make sure to tag each gift with the family member it is going to.
  13. Place all the gifts in a bin with the Santa Gifts on top.
  14. Write the family last name on a 2- 8×10 papers. One will be taped on the lid of the bin and one taped to the side. Please make sure they are both secure.
  15. Place the family wish list back into the bin.
  16. With the card you may write a note to the family (you have the choice to remain anonymous).
  17. EMAIL YOUR COMPLETE GIFT LIST TO: DrCooper@coop-foundation.org (listing what has been purchased by each family member by Tuesday, Dec. 8th).
  18. Please place ALL receipts in a quart size Ziploc bag with the family’s name on the bag. Please place in bin (this is for our accounting purposes, so this must be accurate).
  19. If you donate any extra toys, please specify on the receipt and also list if it was for a boy or girl. (If you would like a donation receipt for any extra toy donations, please let us know.)
  20. On Thursday, Dec. 10 between 1-4 p.m. Please deliver your bins to Cooperstown Chiropractic (162 N. Raymond Ave. Fullerton).
  21. If you desire, you may have the opportunity to meet and take a picture with your family, please make arrangements with us ahead of time (714)525-8700.
  22. Please write a review of your experience of The C O O P Foundation on Guidestar and/or Facebook, and follow us on Facebook (COOPFoundation) and Instagram (CoopsChiro)

If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to ask.

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