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The C.O.O.P. Foundation, Inc. was founded for the Care Of Other People, a non-profit 501(c)(3)(a), in conjunction with Cooperstown Chiropractic , a faith-filled center that specializes in natural healthcare.

The C.O.O.P Foundation sponsors and holds an Annual Family Drive at Christmas with a purpose of showing the chosen families a gift of love and the joy of possibility. This opportunity to reach out and bless families, children who may never have received a gift under the tree, now are showered with love and hope for a change in their current situation. We hope to not only inspire and help them for a season, but to give the family a chance to wholeheartedly believe in a miracle that their current situation is going to turn around for the better.

Through Community Outreach The C.O.O.P Foundation presents each person an opportunity to see and experience a vision of what is possible for their health and wellbeing through sponsored events like Wellness Talks and Dinner With The Doctor.

These community programs help us assist others within our own neighborhoods.



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The C.O.O.P. Foundation, Inc.

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Fullerton, CA 92831

Phone: (714) 525-8700

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