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It’s true what they say, it takes a village to raise a child… and it takes the heart of our patients volunteering to make the Annual Family Drive at Christmas a success. Without the help of our patients sharing love and joy to our chosen families, we would not be able to help 40+ families & 50 Miracle League of Orange County children in our community every year.

If you would like to help, here are various opportunities available, we would love for you to join us this year!  We couldn’t do what we do without all of you! If you are interested in helping, please sign up at the front desk of Cooperstown Chiropractic. If you would like more information or have questions about any of the different volunteer opportunities, please do not hesitate to ask. You are always welcome to call us at 714-525-8700.

Time:•    Make phone calls to families. Starting Monday, Nov. 16th

•    For all who are bilingual (Spanish speaking), we could really use your help interviewing families, and help translate on the day of the event.

•    Shop for presents

•    Wrap presents

•    Deliver gifts on Thursday, Dec. 10, 1 p.m.- 4 p.m.

•    Set up for Family Party on Saturday, Dec. 12th

•    Drive to pick up food donations 9 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. on Dec. 12th.

•    Volunteer at the Family Party Dec. 12th, 7 a.m.- 2 p.m.

◦    Serve food at the Party

◦    Volunteer table coordinator

◦    Oversea an area at the Family Party

◦    Help with gifts at the Party

◦    Carry gift totes off stage

◦    Runner, help wherever there is a need at the party

◦    Security

•    Clean up after Family Party

•    Organize family boxes (done in the evening after Cooperstown Chiropractic has closed for the night)

Talent:•    Make posters for the Family Party

•    Sing-Entertain at the Party Dec. 12th.

•    Make confirmation phone calls to families

•    Be a translator at the party Dec. 12th

•    Print & Distribute photos at party

•    Oversea & Assist at craft tables

•    Decorate at Family Party 7 a.m. Dec. 12th

Treasure:•    Sponsor one family at $500 ($100 per person for a family of 5)

•    Sponsor #____ Families at $500 each family

•    Donate:

◦    New Toys

◦    New Clothes

◦    Wrapping Paper

◦    Tape (scotch tape, packing tape, and duct tape)

◦    Food for the Party

◦    Bottled Water for the Party

◦    Supplies

◦    Trees (artificial or real)

◦    Gift Cards (Walmart, Target, Grocery Stores, Gas, Visa, Toys R Us, etc…)

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