So Thankful

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We are so thankful for all those who joined us at the Annual Family Drive at Christmas. This year we were able to bless 30+ families, and 50 Miracle League of Orange County. Every year we take some time to stop and reflect a few weeks after the event. The people we have the joy to meet, the lives we have been able to help, and the families we have been able to spend time with… It does take us a lot of time to be able to put into words how our families have impacted our lives.

I can honestly say, all of the families have genuinely changed our lives. We were so lucky to bless them, but really, they blessed our hearts with their stories of overcoming obstacles. This event takes months to plan, prepare and to put together. Without the generous donations from the Cooperstown Chiropractic patients, we would never be able to make this happen. When you are in the middle of planning and focusing on every little detail, you tend to get so caught up in the details and making things perfect for the families, and your focus goes away from the big picture.

When the day actually happens, it is a whirlwind of emotions. You become relieved that all of the crazy hours were completely worth it. Then you meet the families you feel you already know. You now get to meet them face to face. You see the kids jumping around and excited. You see the parents have a sense of relief that this is one less thing they have to worry about. Then you see the kids meet Santa…

Santa, who knows each child by name. Santa, who has a special gift for each child. Not just any gift, but a gift that they really want. If you ever want to feel your heart overwhelm with emotions and explode, watch the look on their face when they see Santa knows them and knew exactly what they wanted. Also, watch Santa. He has the biggest heart, and gets just as excited as the kids do. Watch the look on the parents faces as they see their children open their presents, and watch them light up.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to bless these families. We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us through fundraisers throughout the year, who have donated throughout the year, and those who felt in their heart to help us. We could not have done it without all of you.

We are still going through pictures. We have over 1000+ pictures to look through and we are excited to share some of them with you.


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